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How Often Does Your Boat Need A Service? Three Signs That Let You Know

Owning a boat is a very demanding job that requires you to be aware of all the different parts of your vessel on a constant basis. From the state of the outside of your hull to the mechanics and electrical components that power your ship, everything needs to be in tip-top order or you could be looking at thousands in repairs. However, when your boat runs smoothly and you get to enjoy it out on the open water, there are few things in life that are more enjoyable. To make sure you maximise the good times and minimise the bad, here are three warning signs you need to look out for that tell you when your boat needs a service. 

Cracking Fibreglass

The fibreglass outer of your boat takes the brunt of the water as well as rain and constant sunlight, which means that it is, of course, the first component to wear down and erode. When you begin to notice the fibreglass of your boat showing scuff marks, cracking and scratches, it is time for a boat servicing. They will help you determine whether these scratches can turn into something more serious or whether it is purely cosmetic. They will also give you a good estimate for how much it is to fix, which is usually included in the cost of your boat service.

 Easily Stuck Metal Parts

If your chair supports, steering controls or door hinges on your boat are starting to creak, get stuck or otherwise misbehave then it is probably time they got a full service. Lubricant is vital for metal parts on your boat, including your tools and fishing rods as well. Getting this done during your boat servicing ensures that nothing is missed and your boat will feel good as new once it is out on the water. You can complete the lubrication of your tools on your own, as that is quite simple, but getting a professional to do the more expensive and vulnerable parts of your boat is always preferred. 

Spluttery Engine

If you notice any sort of consistent mechanical problem with your engine, propeller or any other essential system then you should book a boat servicing straight away. The last thing you want is for your boat to die on you when you are away from the shore, as it can cost thousands to get rescued. Even if there has been no drop in quality but the boat's engine just sounds different, you should still get it checked. You know your boat and what it should sound and handle like when it is in good working order. Anything that deviates from this should be investigated thoroughly before it leads to catastrophe. 

If you need boat servicing, contact a boat shop in your area.